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Photoshop is Amazing

Photoshop has always been an interesting subject to me. Whether it be retouching portraits, photo manipulations, or digital art…Photoshop delivers with perfect results!

I’ve been practicing my Photoshop skills just for the heck of it. It amazes me how much content you can create using a single program.

Here is one of the things that I made while following a few tutorials:

Hey Beshie Floral


Another thing that I do with Photoshop is that I edit my Instagram photos on it.

I use filters made by other people; they are known as PSD Colorings. You can get these PSD files on Tumblr and on DeviantArt.

Here are some examples of what you can achieve with these filters:




Bounty Hunters PSD from daeneryscrown on DeviantArt.
Passenger PSD from friabrisa on DeviantArt.
Example image is from pexels.com.

Isn’t it neat?
I’m still in the process of creating my own Instagram filter on Photoshop. I’ll share the process with you guys here, on this blog.



Photoshop is Amazing Pinterest

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