Sarita Tabios’ Disclaimer


All the characters are created and owned by its original author Yoko Kamio. Characters not found in the manga but were added in the Japanese Drama are owned by Satake Mikio, Fujimoto Yuki, Takahashi Natsuko, Arai Shuuko and Setoguchi Katsuaki. I do not claim any ownership over them or the world of Hana Yori Dango.

This story is for entertainment purposes only; to further experiment on the plotline while it is set in the US instead, mainly New York. It is also a “filling in the gaps” presentation and a “pushing the limits” take on character development in terms of status and culture, without changing their personalities or claiming Yoko Kamio’s story canon (or the screenwriters’ adaptation) as my own. Therefore, characters not found both in the manga and the Japanese TV series adaptation were created by me, decisively to help “fill in the gaps” or “push the limits” of the storylines. With this, parts of the official storyline both from the manga and the Japanese TV series adaptation are elaborated or tweaked in this work, with the original setting and the main characters adjusted as well, under the intention of reaching new heights and producing another refreshing work, alongside its brilliant Japanese drama adaptation directed by Ishii Yasuharu, Yamamuro Daisuke and Katayama Osamu. Though it could give an impression of an American TV series adaptation in the works, with the visualized actors/dream cast given, please disregard such thought for I would rather have it called a Fanfiction Blog Series. The said actors are merely inspirations during the process of its writing. I am not connected to anyone from the American film industry nor am I profiting financially from the creation/publication of this work.

Lastly, it is not an attempt to fuse HYD with Gossip Girl. I am clearly only a fan of the manga and the Japanese TV series versions.