10 Hit Songs You Probably Remember From Your Childhood

10 Hit Songs You Probably Remember From Your Childhood

10 Hit Songs You Probably Remember From Your Childhood

We listed down a few hit songs from the 80s to 90s that became popular in the Philippines. You might remember some of these from your childhood too, like we did!

Here’s our list! I hope you enjoy them as much as we have been reminiscing our childhood with them.

1. Neocolors – Tuloy Pa Rin

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That theme song from the Humpy Dumpy chips commercial.

2. Fra Lippo Lippi – Light and Shade

This Norweigian band is really popular back in the 80s with their other songs too such as “Stiches and Burns”, “Everytime I See You”, and “Beauty and Madness”. Besides their own country, Philippines is proably the only other country they’ve gained massive popularity.

3. 4 Non Blondes – What’s Up

What’s Up is the only hit single from the American band 4 Non Blondes. After a year of it hitting the charts, they disbanded.

4. Bon Jovi – Bed of Roses

For some reason, there was a time in our childhood where every single neighbor we have sings this song in the streets or in Karaoke.

5. Take That – Back for Good

The song ypu often hear at the coffee shop near your school.

6. Barbie’s Cradle – Tabing Ilog

Yeah, that theme song from the TV series with the same name – Tabing Ilog. Kind of a copy of Dawson’s Creek, but local.

7. Globe – Feel Like Dance

Feel Like Dance is the debut hit single of the Japanese band Globe. At that time, they were a really popular band and topped Oricon charts single after single.

8. Pizzicato Five – Sweet Soul Revue

Back in the early 90’s, you probably hear this song often at a TV commercial. Sweet Soul Revue was used by the Kanebo Cosmetics for their spring campaign back then and it became a hit in the country for several weeks.

9. Passage – You Wont See Me Crying

You often hear this song on the radio back then and you’ve always wondered who sang the song. Well, Passage is the same band that sang the heartbreaking song ‘Till My Heartaches End that’s a main stay in probably every 90s kid’s OPM Sawi/Hugot Playlist.

10. Sugar Hiccup – Five Years

That creepy but super awesome song you play over and over!

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