7 What Ifs That Can Throw Alodia Off Her Track

7 What Ifs That Can Throw Alodia Off Her Track
7 What Ifs That Can Throw Alodia Off Her Track

7 What Ifs That Can Throw Alodia Off Her TrackWe all know Alodia Gosiengfiao as the famous, ditzy Filipina cosplayer who is popular for her spot-on costumes, but what if things didn’t happen the way they did and she ended up being one of those lesser-popular cosplayers we see in local conventions?

Here are the top 7 “What Ifs” that could have brought Alodia’s “career” down.

1. Getting in a serious relationship and tying the knot!

We all know that Alodia had a couple or so relationships, but what if one of them got to the point where she was all set to say, “I do”?

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2. Getting pregnant.

Similar to the above, Alodia could have gone and gotten herself pregnant by one of her exes. Getting pregnant will have had made her body change and she wouldn’t be as fit as she is now. A slightly pudgy Alodia would still be acceptable, but let’s admit it, the majority of her fans only like her for her body.

3. Having a real job.

Correct us if we’re mistaken, but it seems like Alodia doesn’t have a real job. You’ve got to wonder where her money comes from. Could she still be mooching off of her parents or does she have a secret job that the public doesn’t know of? Anyway, having a real job would surely take over Alodia’s cosplay guesting gigs and streaming activities.

4. Someone else could have gotten her spotlight.

Alas, there’s the big “what if”. At the time of her ascension to the golden pedestal of cosplay goddess-dom—I know I’m pushing it—there weren’t any other cosplayers who were pretty enough, nor marketable enough, to become what she is today. (Technically, there was Jin Joson, but she’s on a different level entirely.)

5. Lack of marketing skills.

Alodia started becoming popular through DeviantArt and several other websites. She used to post many of her artworks on the popular artist hub and got a bit of attention from that. From there, she learned how to market herself as this gamer girl, artist, cosplayer, VJ, doll collector, etc. What if she didn’t promote her stuff online? Would we still know of the Cosplay Goddess Alodia? Would there still be a Cosplay Goddess Alodia?

6. She couldn’t have blossomed into what she looks like today.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen “old” pictures of Alodia where she looks like your regular, kayumanggi Filipina teenager with a rather big nose and even larger cheeks.  Not sure if those really are her, but if yes, then she totally would not have made it big if she still looked like that.

7. The Filipino cosplay and convention community did not become a big thing.

Phew, that was a long one to write. Okay, so listen, what if the community of Filipino cosplayers didn’t take off? What if conventions remained as small as they did back then? There definitely wouldn’t be any hype regarding the magical world of Philippine cosplay today. Alodia wouldn’t have become the most popular Filipino cosplayer. Poof. Kabow. End of career.

With all of that said, I think Alodia G. would have gotten herself a nice job (for rich people) and would have settled down and had a family by now if she didn’t become famous.

A lot of those factors could have changed the way she is.

We’re glad that there’s an Alodia Gosiengfiao, Cosplay Goddess, though. Without her existing in the world of social media, we wouldn’t have had article fodder to write about.


Disclaimer: This article was made from an idea that I got from an article title generator. This was written purely for fun and laughs and wasn’t made to hurt anyone’s feelings. 


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