Adorable The Sims 4 Dollhouses

Adorable The Sims 4 Dollhouses

There’s a new trend in the Sims community thanks to Tumblr user Smart Milk. They were inspired by isometric pixel art of rooms by JMW327.
The trend, called “TS4 Dollhouses” is reminiscent of miniature dollhouse kits that are quite popular among crafters and miniature hobbyists.

Recently, my YouTube and Tumblr feeds have been full of other people’s creations. They are quite impressive.
Here’s a video made by Elliandra, a Sims YouTuber:

Naturally, I wanted to participate. Here’s my take on TS4 Dollhouse trend:

Beannie’s TS4 Dollhouse

I went for a pink, girly loft kind of house. Instead of doing one room, like most people do, I decided to go for a whole house. I kept it simple and tried not to put too much decorations or clutter inside the house. I think I did a pretty good job!

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The Sims community is full of talented and creative people. It’s so much fun watching videos and looking at pictures of their creations. It’s amazing how a video game franchise could bring so much joy to people.


Beannie is a digital artist, blogger, doll collector, and casual gamer. She's currently learning how to market her artworks online while practicing her craft. She enjoys hanging out with her cousins, folding origami, and reading.
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