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    #MusicFriday: Notice Me Sempai Playlist

    I hope you’ve been enjoying our #MusicFriday so far. This week’s playlist is about wanting your special someone to notice you, and for those of us who doesn’t get noticed no matter what we do.

    So, here’s our Notice Me Sempai playlist:

    1. All-4-One – I Can Love You Like That
    2. Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me
    3. Mandy Moore – I wanna Be With You
    4. Pavi With Tropicalia – Bizzare Love Triangle (a cover of the song originally sung by Frente!)
    5. Patti Austin – Say You Love Me
    6. Aiza Seguerra – Pagdating ng Panahon
    7. Neocolours – Maybe
    8. Gino Padilla – Why Can’t It Be?
    9. Ogie Alcasid – Nandito Ako
    10. Bitwin Escalante –  Kung Ako Na Lang Sana
    11. Silent Sanctuary – Sayo
    12. Michael Pangilinan – Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako
    13. Parokya ni Edgar – Halaga
    14. Daniel Bedingfield – If You’re Not the One
    15. Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting


    Here’s our Notice Me Sempai playlist on our Spotify!


    We’ve got more to come, so watch out!

    Photo by Trinity Kubassek.

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    #MusicFriday: Hey Crush Playlist (OPM Edition)

    You’ve probably seen or heard of our #MusicFriday‘s Hey Crush Playlist last week. This week, we’re offering you the OPM edition of it!

    Hey Crush Playlist (OPM Edition)

    1. Ronnie Liang – Ngiti
    2. James Reid and Nadine Lustre – Hanap-hanap
    3. Brownman Revival – Binibini
    4. Donna Cruz – Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso
    5. Yeng Constatino – Chinito
    6. Jaano Gibbs – Fallin’
    7. Tootsie Guevarra – Kaba
    8. 1:43 – Sa Isang Sulyap Mo
    9. Jamie Rivera – I’ve Fallen For You
    10. VST & Company – Ipagpatawad mo


    Here’s our Hey Crush (OPM Edition) playlist availableon on our Spotify!

    Photo by Chevanon Photography.

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    #MusicFriday: Hey Crush Playlist

    Hey, it’s Friday! Welcome to HeyBeshie’s #MusicFriday!

    Friday is the (best) day of the week where we get to relax and let off those steam from our usual busy work or school life. Here at #MusicFriday, we’ll be bringing you to our colorful world full of friendship, love, hope, laughter and sometimes, tears, through the music we listen to. We’ll be doing this every Friday just for the fun and the love of music.

    This Friday, we offer you our Hey Crush playlist, for those of us who has a crush at work, school or in the neighborhood. We want to share those feel good moments of crushing on someone, with you.

    Without further ado, here’s our Hey Crush playlist:

    1. Savage Garden – I Knew I Loved You
    2. England Dan and John Ford Coley – I’d Really Love to See You Tonight
    3. REO Speedwagon – Can’t Fight This Feeling
    4. Carly Rae Jepson – Call Me Maybe
    5. Gino Vannelli – I Just Wanna Stop
    6. Shanice – I Love Your Smile
    7. Michael Jackson – I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
    8. Stephen Bishop – It Might Be You
    9. A*Teens – Can’t Help Falling In Love
    10. Joe – I Wanna Know

    We also made our Hey Crush playlist available for you to follow in Spotify!

    Please also follow our Spotify account, heybeshie for more to come!

    Photo by Simon Robben.

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    Mastodon: Rocking the Internet With Toots


    Mastodon is the new social networking site that rocked the Internet for these past half month. But what’s different about Mastodon is that Mastodon is open-source. It means that the code is available for everyone to use, and people can make their own Mastodon servers as alternative platforms, which are called “instances.”

    Like Twitter, you can post statuses/messages and pictures in Mastodon. But instead of 140, Mastodon’s character limit is 500. And a feature that I love most, the “CW” or Content Warning, for spoilers, NSFWs and stuff.

    Another great thing I found interesting about Mastodon is that you can interact with people even when they’re from different servers. There’s a “Local timeline” where you can find the toots (or posts) of people in the same server as you, and a “Federated timeline” where you can see toots from across all of the Mastodon instances.

    If you’re tired of spammers, troll, and bullshit from Twitter, you might wanna try being on Mastodon.

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    10 Hit Songs You Probably Remember From Your Childhood

    10 Hit Songs You Probably Remember From Your Childhood

    We listed down a few hit songs from the 80s to 90s that became popular in the Philippines. You might remember some of these from your childhood too, like we did!

    Here’s our list! I hope you enjoy them as much as we have been reminiscing our childhood with them.

    1. Neocolors – Tuloy Pa Rin

    That theme song from the Humpy Dumpy chips commercial.

    2. Fra Lippo Lippi – Light and Shade

    This Norweigian band is really popular back in the 80s with their other songs too such as “Stiches and Burns”, “Everytime I See You”, and “Beauty and Madness”. Besides their own country, Philippines is proably the only other country they’ve gained massive popularity.

    3. 4 Non Blondes – What’s Up

    What’s Up is the only hit single from the American band 4 Non Blondes. After a year of it hitting the charts, they disbanded.

    4. Bon Jovi – Bed of Roses

    For some reason, there was a time in our childhood where every single neighbor we have sings this song in the streets or in Karaoke.

    5. Take That – Back for Good

    The song ypu often hear at the coffee shop near your school.

    6. Barbie’s Cradle – Tabing Ilog

    Yeah, that theme song from the TV series with the same name – Tabing Ilog. Kind of a copy of Dawson’s Creek, but local.

    7. Globe – Feel Like Dance

    Feel Like Dance is the debut hit single of the Japanese band Globe. At that time, they were a really popular band and topped Oricon charts single after single.

    8. Pizzicato Five – Sweet Soul Revue

    Back in the early 90’s, you probably hear this song often at a TV commercial. Sweet Soul Revue was used by the Kanebo Cosmetics for their spring campaign back then and it became a hit in the country for several weeks.

    9. Passage – You Wont See Me Crying

    You often hear this song on the radio back then and you’ve always wondered who sang the song. Well, Passage is the same band that sang the heartbreaking song ‘Till My Heartaches End that’s a main stay in probably every 90s kid’s OPM Sawi/Hugot Playlist.

    10. Sugar Hiccup – Five Years

    That creepy but super awesome song you play over and over!

    Photo by Mikes Photos.

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    Why I Decided to Stay Away From Toxic People

    So, what or who are these “toxic” people? Toxic people comes in several types – there are those who are arrogant, self-absorbed, manipulative, judgmental, gossiper, temperamental, full of negativity, and the type who always thinks he’s a victim.

    During gathering and/or drinking sessions of common friends, these people most probably take 50% of the gossip topic. And it’s not even something people wanted to talk about, but still do just to let out some of the steam.

    These people are emotionally draining and increases stress. They are like the Nazgul from The Lord of the Rings series. They literally suck out your energy – mind, body and soul.

    Read more about my experience and why I decided to stay away from toxic people.