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Beshie Crushes

Having a crush is normal, and it’s safe to assume everyone has one or more crushes at a time. It’s basically admiring a person for their looks, qualities, or achievements.

We are a group of diverse women with different tastes here at Hey Beshie. So we’re sharing our current (or long-term for some) crushes and why we admire them. Feel free to share who your crush/es are in the comments section so we can all fangirl together.

Finn Wolfhard

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Moana’s crush: Finn Wolfhard

Of course, it’s Finn Wolfhard. From Stranger Things fame, Finn is a very promising actor. The first time we saw him, he was just a cute little boy but now he’s growing into a handsome young bae who is not afraid to speak out on being harassed by fans or firing his agent over sexual abuse claim. I am so excited to follow his career and see how far he’ll go.

Cole Sprouse

Beannie’s crush: Cole Sprouse

I think everyone will agree on why I think he’s crush-worthy. The guy is a total dreamboat. I love it when he cosplays. He has a knack for picking just the right characters.


Euri’s forever crush: Gackt

Gackt is a very talented person. He has a very powerful voice that brought him to fame. Aside from singing, he can also act, compose and write songs, and he can play tons of musical instruments.

Alexander Lee of U-Kiss

Laverne’s crush: Alexander Lee

Current crush is Alexander Lee of U KISS and My Korean Jagiya fame. He speaks several languages and is very cute. I like his laugh and I think he’s a very talented actor. Oppa!

John Krasinki

Nickle’s crush: John Krasinski

I only noticed John earlier this year when I binge-watched The Office. His character, Jim, is funny, sweet, and adorable. My attraction to Jim brought me to watch interview videos of John which made me like him more. He also fits my apparent type – tall, funny, good-looking, and a bit of a dork. I also like his wife, Emily Blunt.

Dev Patel

JK’s crush: Dev Patel

Dev Patel is an Indian hottie who grew up in the UK. Known for his protagonist roles in the movie Slumdog Millionaire and Lion. With his sexy locks and great acting skills, no wonder I fell for him

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