• How to Quit Facebook or Other Social Media

    How to Quit Facebook or Lessen Your Use of Social Media


    One of the biggest distractions in our daily lives is social media. We often find ourselves procrastinating on Facebook, checking what’s trending on Twitter, gawking at aesthetically pleasing photos on Instagram, or pinning DIY tutorials and recipes on Pinterest. Home projects often get discarded and forgotten, while daily chores just keep piling up.

    Like everything else in life, there are pros and cons to using social media and it’s up to you to assess if it’s still beneficial to your well-being. I, for one, have come to accept the fact that I need to quit (or lessen) my use of Facebook and have come up with a list of things where I could start changing my habits. I’ve quit on Tumblr before, I sure as hell can quit Facebook too.

    Here are ways that could help you quit (or lessen your use of) Facebook and other social media platforms.

    1. Close that tab. Facebook is a constant open tab on my browser. I just closed it. Having it open all the time may cause you to stray away from what you’re doing, like blogging or school work, for example. You can always open it after you’re done with what needs to be done. Prioritize.
    1. Delete those apps. Guuuurl, do you really need all those apps on your phone? (Yeah, kind of) But can you live without them? Yes! If it’s a website you can visit on your mobile browser, I recommend you delete the app. Seeing the icons everytime you check your phone for messages will just tempt you to open them, and that my dear, is a hole you will have a hard time getting out of. (I’m looking at you YouTube)
    1. Turn off push notifications. “But the apps are easier to use than opening them in the browser!” I get you. If you don’t want to delete those apps, you can opt to turn the notifications off instead. You don’t have to be alerted every time you get a like or a comment on your post. Trust me, if it’s an important message, they’d send you a text or private message.
    1. Set a schedule. Give yourself a few hours a day to catch up on your social media. I recommend a strict 1 to 2-hour use only. That gives you enough time to see who liked your posts, reply to comments, and scroll through your close friends’ posts. You don’t really HAVE TO repost every cool thing you see on your feed right?If you use social media as an entrepreneur or influencer, add another couple of hours to give you enough time to schedule your posts. Putting a limit on your use gives you more time to think of and create more content for your page.
    1. Create a reward system. Having a social media presence falls on the WANT spectrum. Create a list of things that NEEDS to be done. For every 3 to 5 (depending on how big the task is) NEED you accomplish, you have free reign to do what you WANT, which includes stalking your crush on Facebook or Twitter or whatever.

    These are just some things I’ve come up with that may or may not help you quit or lessen your use of social media. If you have other suggestions or violent reactions regarding the matter, leave a comment below or email us at hello@heybeshie.com