I Choose to Leave by Pen of Isha

I Choose to Leave

I choose to leave and let go.
Not because I don’t love you anymore.
It’s because I need to love my self too.
The love I lost because of loving you.

I expected too much of you.
I assumed too much,
I hope too much too
And loved you too much.

There’s a choice between
leaving and staying.
But staying will only cause pain.
So I choose to leave.

I will miss all the sweetness we had.
The sweet talks,
The laughter that we shared.
And all of your sweet songs for me.

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Our relationship became more painful for me to bear.
A love without sentiments.
A love that was taken for granted.

And someday I will move on.
And If I see you again.
I will look into your eyes without regrets and pain.

And tell you with a lot of courage,
I did love you so pure with all of my heart.
But you let me slip away.

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