Meet The Team

Hey Beshie is composed of a group of women who like to write about anything and everything. Get to know us individually.


Nickle spends most of her time watching different US & UK series while working as an SEO Expert. She has her own blog but likes coaching people into starting their own website.

She recently started writing poems and gives all kinds of advice to anyone who needs it. Contact for advice!


Beannie is a digital artist, blogger, doll collector, and casual gamer. She’s currently learning how to market her artworks online while practicing her craft.

She enjoys hanging out on Discord, looking after her younger cousins, and playing The Sims series.


Euri is a ninja.


JK is a Licensed Financial Advisor with Pru Life UK. In the past, she worked in the Debt Recoveries industry (Credit Collections and Credit Investigation) for two years. Her advocacy is to help people in financial management in terms of saving for the future, lifestyle assessment and debt consolidation.


K is a no-nonsense, straight-forward person who speaks her mind no matter what. She spends her spare time playing Mobile Legends and PUBG. She also recently found herself writing spoken word poetry.


A coffee to keep me warm and a pen to write my warm feelings.


Hazel is a draftswoman who currently works as an AutoCAD operator. She is also a single mom. She’s interested in art museums. She loves to paint, especially portraits. She’s also a member of a charity group, hiking, and rider group. She started writing poetry since 2014.

Sarita Tabios

At home, she wrestles with their 10 dogs just to get to the door. At work, she chases people to help them get employed. Somewhere in her imaginary grove, she writes about awkwardly unassuming heroes with her headphones on…to keep the dreamer’s oath.