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PSA: Do Not Fall for Giveaway Scams on Instagram

There’s been an influx of giveaway scams on Instagram and it’s becoming
more and more ridiculous. A while ago, someone on my feed shared a signal boost for an account claiming to be H&M Philippines’ official account. Well guess what? It wasn’t H&M Philippines’ official account. As far as I know, H&M only has one official account and it has a verified check mark right next to the username!

The fake account had gotten more than 60,000 followers all because they
promised to give the first 30,000 people a 10,000PHP gift card. If that
doesn’t sound fishy, then I don’t know what does!
No company in their right mind would give away that much to so many people.

What these scammers do is that they set up bait for people, such as
giveaways, and those people blindly follow the scammers’ accounts hoping to win freebies. Once the scammers reach a certain amount of followers, they either change the name of the account and use it as their personal one or they sell the account to other people for a high price. Talk about being

I searched for the fake account that was doing this scam, but I couldn’t
find it anymore. Either they have reached their goal and are now using the
account as a personal account (with thousands of followers) or they have
been reported and deleted. Either way, there are countless others who do
the same thing. Here’s a new one that I found while searching for H&M

Web Hosting
H&M Instagram Scam
Fake H&M Philippines Instagram account

Here are a few things to keep in mind if/when you come across accounts such
as these ones:

1. Remember that official accounts of big companies usually have a
checkmark icon next to the username.
2. If you think that it’s too good to be true, it usually is.
3. No one gives out 10,000PHP or any amount of money above a thousand to
over 5 people.
4. Most accounts asking for a signal boost are small accounts looking for
followers. They’ll go through ridiculous lengths just to get followers.
This isn’t always the case, though.

Do not fall for these scams. They are a waste of your time and they only
feed the egos of those who make them.

Beannie is a digital artist, blogger, doll collector, and casual gamer. She's currently learning how to market her artworks online while practicing her craft. She enjoys hanging out with her cousins, folding origami, and reading.

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