Stop and Start

Stop and Start

I’ll stop messaging you
Coz you’re already ignoring me

I’ll stop checking up on you
Coz you’re distancing yourself from me

I’ll stop calling you
Coz you refuse to answer anyway

I’ll stop loving you
Coz you didn’t really feel the same way.

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I’ll start moving on
Coz it’s what I should do

I’ll start healing now
Coz my heart is broken into two

I’ll start putting myself together again
Coz my world stopped when I met you

I’ll start loving myself more
Coz I can’t expect anyone else to

Nickle Love

Likes to travel whenever time and budget permits. Needs a time-turner to read all the books she owns. Enjoys watching different kinds of series and movies. Blogs whenever she can. Plays Mobile Legends and PUBG in her spare time.
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