YouTube Rewind 2018
YouTube Rewind 2018

YouTube Rewind 2018

Have you seen the 2018 YouTube Rewind?

YouTube Rewind 2018

Certainly the most disjointed and awkward Rewind of all time. A lot of significant events aren’t addressed, and plenty of famous content creators are not featured. However, the worst point is that they made it look like it’s “our” Rewind, even though the video doesn’t consist of content creators many people wanted. Also, the whole recognizing the things youtubers were undertaking for the community and using minorities in the video felt very forced completely contrasting as to what they have done previously.

I personally think they said “Oh, let’s read the comments. That should give us ideas about what people want.” All they saw was Fortnite, KPOP, and other stuff that probably 9 to 16 year-olds wanted.
The whole, “YouTubers have done great for the community” thing was severely forced into the video. They didn’t even mention Pewds who made a huge donation to a cause.

The video was more about what trended in 2018 than actually making an impact to their viewers. It’s a rewind of 2018 after all, but it would’ve been better if they just didn’t jam that acknowledgement of content creators in there.

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