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[Nickle’s Quick Review] Downsizing Plot: A kindly occupational therapist undergoes a new procedure to be shrunken to four inches tall so that he and his wife can help save the planet and afford a nice lifestyle at the same time. Director: Alexander Payne Stars: Matt Damon, Christoph Waltz, Hong Chau Good concept. Poor execution. Trying… Read More Downsizing

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Beshie Crushes

Having a crush is normal, and it’s safe to assume everyone has one or more crushes at a time. It’s basically admiring a person for their looks, qualities, or achievements. We are a group of diverse women with different tastes here at Hey Beshie. So we’re sharing our current (or long-term for some) crushes and… Read More Beshie Crushes

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#MusicFriday: Notice Me Sempai Playlist

I hope you’ve been enjoying our #MusicFriday so far. This week’s playlist is about wanting your special someone to notice you, and for those of us who doesn’t get noticed no matter what we do. So, here’s our Notice Me Sempai playlist: All-4-One – I Can Love You Like That Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me Mandy Moore – I wanna Be With… Read More #MusicFriday: Notice Me Sempai Playlist

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#MusicFriday: Hey Crush Playlist (OPM Edition)

You’ve probably seen or heard of our #MusicFriday‘s Hey Crush Playlist last week. This week, we’re offering you the OPM edition of it! Hey Crush Playlist (OPM Edition) Ronnie Liang – Ngiti James Reid and Nadine Lustre – Hanap-hanap Brownman Revival – Binibini Donna Cruz – Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso Yeng Constatino – Chinito Jaano Gibbs… Read More #MusicFriday: Hey Crush Playlist (OPM Edition)

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Three Timelines to Reflect on Before Getting a Life Insurance Policy

Financial literacy plays a major role in outlying life stages planning.  It is always applicable to different phases of life may you be a single professional, getting married, already has a child, or is planning for retirement. As a licensed Financial Advisor, my advocacy is to disseminate my learnings in terms of finances to people… Read More Three Timelines to Reflect on Before Getting a Life Insurance Policy

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How to Quit Facebook or Lessen Your Use of Social Media

  One of the biggest distractions in our daily lives is social media. We often find ourselves procrastinating on Facebook, checking what’s trending on Twitter, gawking at aesthetically pleasing photos on Instagram, or pinning DIY tutorials and recipes on Pinterest. Home projects often get discarded and forgotten, while daily chores just keep piling up. Like everything… Read More How to Quit Facebook or Lessen Your Use of Social Media


Mastodon: Rocking the Internet With Toots

  Mastodon is the new social networking site that rocked the Internet for these past half month. But what’s different about Mastodon is that Mastodon is open-source. It means that the code is available for everyone to use, and people can make their own Mastodon servers as alternative platforms, which are called “instances.” Like Twitter, you can post statuses/messages… Read More Mastodon: Rocking the Internet With Toots