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    The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack

    If you haven’t been living under a rock this past week, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the new The Sims 4 pack called Island Living. It’s an island paradise you can escape into right on your computer screen.

    A video game screenshot of a blonde, tanned girl fishing in the ocean.

    I’ve played a bit of it and I must say, it’s fun. The mermaids are super fun to play with, however humans are just as fun! The island culture is nice and you can do quite a few things around the three neighborhood areas. Like for example, you can cook feasts, build sandcastles, beachcomb, summon and play with dolphins (if you’re a mermaid), snorkel, fish, and live out your travel blogger dreams of going to the beach and relaxing there.

    As with the Strangerville pack, however, it does have its downsides.
    Here are some of the Island Living pack’s pros and cons:


    1. New Island life-inspired CAS items with a bunch of really cool, curly hairstyles!
    2. New items in build and buy. Those glass floors are to die for!
    3. Ocean travel by boats.
    4. Mermaids.
    5. New careers. Diving? Saving the ecosystem? Sign me up!
    6. The new fish traps are cool.


    1. Replay value isn’t great, you’ll get bored quickly. Especially once you’ve done everything. Doesn’t take too long to do everything either.
    2. Mermaids are a bit lackluster when it comes to the things they can do their interactions.
    3. You can’t see the Sims when they’re diving. No underwater view whatsoever. Would have been awesome to take fish photos in first person view.

    I really enjoy this pack so I think it’s worth getting. However, if you’re looking for something with way more replay factor, then maybe The Sims 4 Island Living isn’t for you.

    You can get The Sims 4 and its pack, Island Living on Origin.

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    Adorable The Sims 4 Dollhouses

    There’s a new trend in the Sims community thanks to Tumblr user Smart Milk. They were inspired by isometric pixel art of rooms by JMW327.
    The trend, called “TS4 Dollhouses” is reminiscent of miniature dollhouse kits that are quite popular among crafters and miniature hobbyists.

    Recently, my YouTube and Tumblr feeds have been full of other people’s creations. They are quite impressive.
    Here’s a video made by Elliandra, a Sims YouTuber:

    Naturally, I wanted to participate. Here’s my take on TS4 Dollhouse trend:

    Beannie’s TS4 Dollhouse

    I went for a pink, girly loft kind of house. Instead of doing one room, like most people do, I decided to go for a whole house. I kept it simple and tried not to put too much decorations or clutter inside the house. I think I did a pretty good job!

    The Sims community is full of talented and creative people. It’s so much fun watching videos and looking at pictures of their creations. It’s amazing how a video game franchise could bring so much joy to people.

  • Tumblr NSFW Ban
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    Tumblr NSFW Ban

    In the later part of November 2018, Apple got rid of the Tumblr app from their store because of the existence of child porn material. This action immediately had a big impact on the platform, which quickly declared that it will prohibit all NSFW content by December 17, 2018.

    This sudden decision was quite a shock for Tumblr’s users, all of whom had become familiar with the freedom of posting sexually explicit content on the platform.

    Loads of several fandoms and communities are suffering from the effects of this content restriction. For one, Tumblr’s algorithm is flagging non-NSFW posts such as innocent art. Then there are some individuals saying that Tumblr is also removing the feature of custom themes, which is a huge deal for almost all of the Tumblr members who make use of the platform as a way to express their creativity, be it in their content or in the very theme/layout of their blogs.

    Artists who used to post their art on Tumblr are now switching to other platforms. I’ve personally talked to a couple of artists who wanted to move their original character art to Toyhouse because of Tumblr’s apparent self-destruction.

    Although sad, it’s what Tumblr thinks is the right thing to do and all we can do right now is either to bear with it and continue using the platform or to move on to other services.

  • Just Beshie Things

    PSA: Do Not Fall for Giveaway Scams on Instagram

    There’s been an influx of giveaway scams on Instagram and it’s becoming
    more and more ridiculous. A while ago, someone on my feed shared a signal boost for an account claiming to be H&M Philippines’ official account. Well guess what? It wasn’t H&M Philippines’ official account. As far as I know, H&M only has one official account and it has a verified check mark right next to the username!

    The fake account had gotten more than 60,000 followers all because they
    promised to give the first 30,000 people a 10,000PHP gift card. If that
    doesn’t sound fishy, then I don’t know what does!
    No company in their right mind would give away that much to so many people.

    What these scammers do is that they set up bait for people, such as
    giveaways, and those people blindly follow the scammers’ accounts hoping to win freebies. Once the scammers reach a certain amount of followers, they either change the name of the account and use it as their personal one or they sell the account to other people for a high price. Talk about being

    I searched for the fake account that was doing this scam, but I couldn’t
    find it anymore. Either they have reached their goal and are now using the
    account as a personal account (with thousands of followers) or they have
    been reported and deleted. Either way, there are countless others who do
    the same thing. Here’s a new one that I found while searching for H&M

    H&M Instagram Scam
    Fake H&M Philippines Instagram account

    Here are a few things to keep in mind if/when you come across accounts such
    as these ones:

    1. Remember that official accounts of big companies usually have a
    checkmark icon next to the username.
    2. If you think that it’s too good to be true, it usually is.
    3. No one gives out 10,000PHP or any amount of money above a thousand to
    over 5 people.
    4. Most accounts asking for a signal boost are small accounts looking for
    followers. They’ll go through ridiculous lengths just to get followers.
    This isn’t always the case, though.

    Do not fall for these scams. They are a waste of your time and they only
    feed the egos of those who make them.

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    The Sims Mobile Game Review

    The Sims Mobile game has been released worldwide! I downloaded the game and started playing right away.
    Here are my thoughts about it.


    The Sims Mobile
    The Sims Mobile


    It’s very charming. It kind of reminds me of The Sims Bustin’ Out and The Sims 2 for the PS2. You get to make a fairly customizable first Sim and then add a second one shortly after.

    Jobs and housing are chosen for you. It can get either annoying for some players, or really convenient for others.

    There’s an energy system where you spend energy to do actions. There’s no action queue like in the PC versions, and you can’t do different things at the same time. Once you hit your energy limit, you’ll have to wait for a few minutes for it to replenish. There are some things you could do to regain bits of energy, like, sleeping, taking a shower, or using the toilet.

    The Sims Mobile Screenshot
    The Sims Mobile Screenshot

    Moods don’t exist in this game. That means you don’t have to worry about filling up your Sims’ motives. No more social or bladder bars!

    They used music similar to those of the old PC versions of the games so there’s no doubt you’d feel right at home if you’re an old The Sims fan.

    For the most part, I think it’s quite similar to The Sims Freeplay. It’s all just a glorified waiting game with cute graphics to distract you. There’s always the option to buy in-app purchases to speed things up, but why would you buy a virtual double bed for 700PHP?

    Should you get this game? If you’re a The Sims fan, you’d enjoy this.
    Is it something you can play for months? No, I don’t think so. It gets pretty boring after a while.

    If you’re someone who enjoys idle/waiting games, then this might be a good one for you.