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YouTube Rewind 2018

YouTube Rewind 2018

Have you seen the 2018 YouTube Rewind? Certainly the most disjointed and awkward Rewind of all time. A lot of significant events aren’t addressed, and plenty of famous content creators are not featured. However, the worst point is that they made it look like it’s “our” Rewind, even though the Read more…

Why You Shouldn’t Do What SquishyTutorialsx Does

SquishyTutorialsx (a.k.a. Rez) is a YouTuber and a killer Instagram feed content creator. She’s popular on both platforms with thousands of followers. She didn’t get to the top by churning out content that is 100% hers, however.   Here are top 3 social media crimes that SquishyTutorialsx has committed. 1. Read more…